Celery Seed Extract and Gout

 Get Gout Relief from Celery Seeds!

The first thing people turn to when they suffer an excruciating gout attack is medication. But drugs are not always the answer, especially when you can use something simple like celery seeds to relieve the gout pain.

The humble celery plant has been growing in Europe for over 3000 years. It’s only recently that it was found to contain 20 types of anti-inflammatory properties.

As we all know that information and gout go hand-in-hand then celery and celery seeds are just the thing for you to take instead of drugs to help you reduce the pain.Celery Seeds

Just where does that pain come from when you suffer an attack of gout? When your body produces too much uric acid and is unable to get rid of it, the acid turns into crystal and deposits itself into your joints.

The inflammation and pain come from the needle point end of the crystals.

While many of you probably never realized that celery even had seeds, it turns out that it is quite an effective pain reliever for gout sufferers.

There is some very interesting information on how you can get relief from pain by using natural remedies rather than be taking drugs.

Is Natural Pain Relief For Gout The Best?

One of the biggest problems in this day and age is that we all know that taking prescription medications can give you some bad side-effects.

Sure, they will relieve the pain and even lower the uric acid levels in your blood, but do you want to put up with the nausea, stomach pains, maybe a rash or an allergy, and possibly vomiting that are caused by prescribed medication sometimes?

When you are given a prescription of drugs for any illness it usually means that you have to continue taking them over a long-term to rid yourself of whatever it is they were given to you for.

If you have a particular diet that is high purine content then your body is going to continue to produce too much uric acid. So you need to look at alternatives, and remedies other than drugs, to give you long-term pain relief from gout.

Why Celery Seeds As A Natural Remedy For Gout?

The trend these days is for gout sufferers to be looking more at natural home remedies to solve their problem. You would be amazed at the number of natural remedies that are available once you start looking.

One of the more amazing natural remedies is celery seeds.

Celery is related to other vegetables such as parsley, dill, carrots and fennel. Once it was realized that celery seeds provide wonderful health benefits they have been specifically cultivated to be used as a natural remedy, and in particular for gout.

It was way back in 30 A.D. when Aulus Cornelius Celsus discovered just how good the seeds were for pain relief.

They can also be used to help reduce the uric acid in your blood. All these wonderful properties have made it a great choice as a natural treatment for gout.

How to Use Celery Seeds to Relieve Your Gout Pain?

One important aspect of using celery seeds is to make sure that you purchase them from an accredited herbalist or health food shop because that will ensure that the seeds at not being treated with a fungicide.

When you had the seats in your possession, use the following methods to prepare them for personal consumption:

  1. Boil 2 cups of water that contain a tablespoon of celery seeds until they go soft.
  2. Using a tea strainer, separate the seeds from the mixture and dispose of them. This will leave a drink like a hot tea.
  3. By drinking about half a cup of this special celery seed tea four times a day you should see an improvement in your painful gout symptoms.

An important thing to remember is that celery seeds are a natural diuretic so they would not be suitable for pregnant women or if you have some form of kidney problems.

Also, check that you don’t have an allergy to celery.

There is More You Need to Do to Prevent Potential Future Problems

It’s all very well to be using a natural herbal remedy like celery seeds to help you prevent gout pain and the symptoms of gout, but the real secret is to rid yourself of it permanently, otherwise you can suffer further kidney problems and possible serious damage to your joints.

You can’t really prevent gout from returning but the idea is to make sure that you have relief should you suffer a gout attack.

There are other things you can do with your lifestyle such as diet, weight, and doing some exercise that can all work towards helping you to prevent any further onset of gout.

If you’re looking for natural remedies for gout, you might want to check out our review of Nutri Gout. One of the main ingredients of this supplement is celery seeds.

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