How to Treat Gout with Essential Oils

Arthritis is one of the most debilitating and limiting diseases of the body because it affects the joints—causing them to be painful, swollen, and even immobile.

Spanning large number diseases, arthritis is an umbrella term used to describe close to 100 different conditions that attack the joints, ligaments, and tendons in the body.

Some of the most common forms of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

Gout is a condition that is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the body, which circulates the blood and travels to various joints—especially joints in the big toe.

In most people, this uric acid does not have an effect. But in people who have gout, a disease more common in men than women, the excess uric acid in the body crystalizes, forming painful and debilitating pockets of swelling in the joints.

The best ways to prevent the condition include: eating nutritiously and exercising to reduce the risk for obesity, lowering red meat intake, and avoiding diuretics.

If you already suffer from gout, there are natural treatment methods you can use to ease symptoms related to gout.  Below you will learn how to treat gout with essential oils.

Why essential oils?

If you are affected by gout, chances are you are in need of some quick relief.  Essential oils naturally break down the crystals caused by uric acid.

That’s right—essential oils get right to the root of the problem, and work to fix it! No pharmaceutical medicine can claim to do that.

For pain relief, it is best to gently rub the essential oil of choice (more on this later) into your affected joint and allow the skin to absorb the oil.Essential Oils

Which oil should you choose?

Given that essential oil is one of the most effective ways to relieve painful symptoms of gouty arthritis, you may be wondering which oil to select.  Each essential oil contains a unique fragrance and purpose.

For starters, you will want an essential oil that increases healthy circulation so that blood is not stagnant in the joints. This will help to dissipate swelling.

Wintergreen does this very well because its strong minty scent increases blood flow.  The better the blood flow, the less concentrated the uric acid and crystals will be in the joints.

Perhaps you infuse the calming chamomile leaf in hot water and enjoy it at night to help you sleep better.

Because high levels of chronic stress have been linked to excessive uric acid production, people with gout should prioritize stress reduction. The regular use of chamomile essential oil is one important way to destress.

Chamomile works in a unique way; it blocks inflammation pathways by decreasing nerve impulses. The nervous system and immune system (which causes inflammation) are interconnected.

For this reason, studies show that an increase in stress leads to an increase in inflammation.

Let’s say you have an overactive stress response. Your sympathetic nervous system will over-fire, and this can cause systemic dysfunction and excessive uric acid production.

In general, the body will feel very out of balance. In order to restore balance, the stress and relaxation response need to fire equally.

Chamomile will help calm the stress response and strengthen the relaxation response, leading to lower inflammation levels.

Massage this oil into your affected joints daily, and consider using it to add a calming effect to the room as well.

A major, debilitating symptom of gouty arthritis is pain. This is where the pine essential oil for gout relief comes into play.

Because the pain of gouty arthritis often sets in overnight, pine essential oil is most effective when used in the evening.

This holiday season classic may put you in a festive mood and relieve gout symptoms.  Cloves naturally clear the skin and boost the immune system.

When crystals form in the joints, the immune system may launch an attack on the crystals, causing even more pain and inflammation.

Clove may help to redirect the immune system to something more productive and beneficial to the body. In addition, cloves will flush out any other toxins that may be affecting the body.

How to Use Essential Oils

Wintergreen, chamomile, clove, and pine essential oils are all effective, natural remedies for gouty arthritis. But how should you use them? Here are some methods to try:

Foot Bath
While gout can affect any joint in the body, the joints of the lower limbs are at most risk.  Feet and ankles need the most care and treatment.

Consider making a nightly foot bath that contains a mixture of milk (two teaspoons) and about 10 drops of pine, wintergreen, or chamomile essential oil.

You will need two baths; one that contains hot water and another that is cold.  One half of the milk and essential oil goes into each bath. Allow your feet to rest and relax in each foot bath for ten minutes and switch.

The good old fashioned way to use essential oils is simply rubbing it into the affected joint. The longer the massage, the better the absorption rate.

Essential Oil Combination
If you experience moderate joint pain from gout, consider using a combination of essential oils.

The combination of lemon with peppermint makes a luxurious blend that can help break apart uric acid crystals and increase blood circulation.

Apply a few drops of each to the affected joint and cover with a hot compress for a soothing effect.  The heat facilitates full and quick absorption of the oils.

When it comes to gout, essential oils can reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life. There are many essential oils with proven benefits for gouty arthritis.

Use chamomile to calm the nervous system, clove to boost the immune system, pine to ease the pain, and wintergreen to stimulate blood flow.

Consider trying a foot bath, massage, or combinations of oils for increased relief.

If you suspect that you have gouty arthritis or if you are interested in using essential oils to naturally treat your gout, consider discussing this treatment option with your physician.

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